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Desk Monitor Mount VM-LDE134

This series of products is aimed at the ultra-long arm monitor desk mount, obviously, from the words can be seen, this series of products compared to other series, the extension of monitor arm is longer, more widely used. With this range of monitor mount, you can more easily adjust to a suitable angle and height, in order to ease the long-term work of eye strain, neck and shoulder discomfort. This desk mount can satisfy your need of standing office, alleviate the waist ache that sits for a long time to bring. The desk mount able to support two or more monitors at the same time significantly improves your office efficiency. Aluminum is a better material to support your monitor and reduce vibration. Sturdy table clamps are installed to support your computer without the need to punch holes in your desk and can be clipped to any edge of your desk at will. You don't have to worry about installation either. We provide all the installation materials and tools, as well as a detailed instruction manual.

Product Category:Full Motion Monitor Desk StandTilt:-90°- +85°
Material:aluminium + steelSwivel:180°
Color:black/white/grayScreen Rotation:360°
Distance from the wall:
Pole Height:400mm
Height adjustment rang of arm:
Screen Quantity:3Suggested Desktop Thickness:60mm-85mm
Fit Screen Size:15"-27"Packing Size70x26x24cm
Weight Capacity (per screen):8kgsNW(kgs)12.2
VESA Compatible:75/100GW(kgs)15.3

1. 3 in 1 Monitor: This triple monitor stand allows you work with three monitors at the same time, save much valuable space on your desk, makes your desktop spacious and neat. Providing you a better work and entertainment experience while enhancing your efficiency.
2. Longer extension arms: This monitor desk mount have two extension arms are 700 mm in length and can meet any need when you working, making youself easier and more efficient to work.
3. Multiple Height and angle adjustments: This monitor mount arm has 3 monitors, each monitor can be independently adjusted to suit your height and angle, to meet your different needs for each monitor.
4. Save space: By raising three monitors from one monitor stand, you'll find your office area has expanded considerably, and a cable management that unifies all of your previously cluttered lines to make your desktop more organized.
5. Solid, stable: The desk mount is made of aluminum alloy and steel pole.It will be more stable, enough to support the entire display bracket, will not shake. There are 3 table clamps at the bottom, which can be installed on the edge of your desk at will.
6. Easy Installation: You may be more concerned about installation convenience, which you need not worry about at all, we provide a complete set of installation materials and tools, as well as a detailed description.

Desk Monitor Mount VM-LDE134

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